Groceries are so stinkin expensive. Like its insane. BUT we also need to eat right? It’s like a no-win situation! But by just following a couple simple grocery shopping tips to make it so much cheaper!

Since we are now a family of 7… there’s a lot of people who always need food. Thankfully they aren’t teenagers yet and only eat technically just a little!

But I do know this, when we only had 2 or even 3 kids, groceries were definitely cheaper then than they are now that we have 5 kids!

It doesn’t help either that groceries keep getting more expensive.

I wish I had a big enough garden so that I could fill my freezers full enough so that we’d have lots of food stored up and wouldn’t have to buy as much. But right now its still to small so I rely on these few simple, but so doable grocery shopping tips to save money!

Top 5 tips to save money on groceries from one busy mom to the next!

These are the first baby steps to saving money on groceries. I could give you a massive list of like 60 tips, but honestly? You’ll never be able to follow through with them!

So we start with these, once we’ve mastered these, we’ll move on to the next step. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about more about each of these tips!

But for now, we start with these 5 tips, these are the basics and the bare bones, if you can’t do these, then everything else I can teach you isn’t going to work.

1.Make a List

This is like the biggest thing… OK I might say that for all of them! LOL but honestly, if you don’t have a list either you’ll buy everything you don’t need, or you’ll forget half of what you do need! Then you’ll have to go back to the store and spend even more money!

If your anything like me, I ALWAYS loose my list. Like ALWAYS. If  I make it out of the first store with my list still on me its like a miracle!

But my phone? I never loose my phone. So.. before I leave the house I always snap a quick picture of my list! That way even if i do loose it (which I will) I’ll still have it somewhere!

2.No little stops

STOP. STOP. STOP! Doing all those little runs to the store because you don’t have a certain little thing. Seriously. These trips add up like crazy. Not just the extra groceries you buy but it also costs fuel to get there! .

Start by having one day a week (if you must, your much better off going every 2 weeks if you can!) To stock up again on the essentials.

Here’s what I do for groceries, and keep in mind I have to take a minimum 3 little’s with me every where I go, which includes the grocery store, so I’m not going to mess around with extra crap.

Do one big grocery haul, this is when I go to Costco, stock up on pantry staples etc. Then every 10-14 days after I do an essentials run.

This usually means I get the bread, butter, milk, eggs and fresh fruits and veggies.

If you don’t have a certain ingredient, just make something else, or omit it all together!  This is where having a stocked pantry and freezer comes in super duper handy. It’s a life saver for when you get stuck. Which leads me to point number 3!

pantry stocked with staple ingredients

3. Keeping Pantry Staples

Unless its just not possible for you to have any kind of pantry. (before we moved into this house we’re in now I had an extra little storage room downstairs that I kept as my pantry!) You really need to have at least some stock in your house.

Even dedicating just one or 2 cupboards to staple ingredients will help a ton!

Keep all the things you regularly use in the house. I kept track of what I always used just on a piece of paper that hung in my pantry and wrote down what I always used.

Same for your fridge and freezer. Especially your freezer if its a deep freeze, I don’t know how much food I’ve lost in there.

Here comes the part where you can really save money on groceries.

Buy bulk.

Even if you can’t buy everything bulk, even just some if it bulk will make a huge difference!

No matter what you buying, when you buy it in bulk your always saving money.

4. Stop wasting food

This one is huge too! All the food that you waste your literally just throwing away money!

If you find your not eating a certain type of veggie or food then stop buying it for a while.

If you have 5 different types of vegetables that only have a little left, then use it up by making a stir-fry, or even just chopping it up and throwing it in the freezer for another day!

You can use those little bits of leftovers to make soup or stew too.

Another way, is to learn how to keep your produce fresh faster! Things like not storing your potatoes and onions together, putting things in the right drawer in your fridge.

All the little things add up and can save you a ton by the end of the month.

grocery cart in grocery store

5. Money saving apps

This one is almost the easiest. And in all honesty I only really use one, Ibotta, because its the easiest!!

All I need to do is upload my receipts every time and it’ll give me cash back, which I can then load into my PayPal!!

Like seriously so easy. (and it’ll help you budget too because you’ll see how much you spend!)

And the second best part? ITS FREE!!

If you use this referral link right here, you’ll get $20 just for signing up!!  

How to save money on groceries the least stressful way for busy moms

Now that we’ve talked about the easiest, least stressful ways to save money on groceries, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT start them all at once.

You are never going to be able to hold up to doing all the things if you start them all at the same time.

For today, just pick one, then save this post, and come back next week or even next month and start the next.

And really signing up for an app is a no brainier and super quick to do,  

And really signing up for an app is a no brainier and super quick to do, so do that right now before you forget!

Besides who doesn’t want $20 just for trying it out? And it truly is the easiest way to start saving even some money!

If you try to do them all you’ll only manage for a couple weeks and then quit all together!

So take it from one overwhelmed and busy mom, and start small.

I’d love to know which one your going to try first in the comments!

Also… do me a huge favor and tag me on instagram @mamasrealmeals to show that your taking advantage of one of these tips!

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