Super Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthier

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Eating healthy sucks, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to be able to eat whatever we wanted, when we wanted and not have to worry about it? To not feel gross after stuffing yourself with fast food? To still feel good after you eat that entire bag of chips empty for your late night snack? I know I wish it wasn’t like that!

Eating healthy sucks, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to be able to eat whatever we wanted, when we wanted and not have to worry about it? To not feel gross after stuffing yourself with fast food? To still feel good after you eat that entire bag of chips empty for your late night snack? I know I wish it wasn’t like that!

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But… there is some good news, eating healthier doesn’t have to mean that you need to give all that up. It doesn’t mean that now you can’t eat that burger from Mc Donald’s or have fruit loops for breakfast. It just means you have to limit them!

Honestly, overall we lead a pretty healthy lifestyle but my kids still get their fruit loops sometimes! There’s just a difference in how much they get to eat and how often I buy it. For example, I recently bought a box of fruit loops last week for the first time in 3-4 months. My kids could eat the fruit loops for breakfast, but only one bowl. After that one bowl if they were still hungry they could eat a healthier cereal that we had in the house.

I know it can be soo much easier to buy what they will eat better, but you know what? The kids will fill up much much more on 1 bowl of Special K or 1 bowl of yogurt than eating 2 bowls of fruit loops or corn pops.


simple ways to eat healhier
I’m going to share with you simple tricks that I use to make the meals and snacks we eat healthier, without giving up our favorite foods, and still getting the kids to eat what I make! And honestly, usually, they don’t even notice that I changed up the recipe to make it healthier.

Simple Ways to Get Healthier Meals (more nutrition)


Sneak in veggies.

 This one is easy. Super easy. Are you making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner? Just add in shredded zucchini. I promise they will never know(and most likely neither will your husband.) I add the shredded zucchini to the hot sauce and stick in my immersion blender for a minute or two. Depending on how picky your eaters are you may not need to do this. 

If you don’t have an immersion blender already, I cannot recommend it enough to get one! I absolutely love my blender, you will use it all the time! They are also super cheap- I promise much cheaper than a regular blender and so much handier, you can just stick the blender into the pan and blend, no need to pour hot liquid into a blender and in the process splashing it everywhere. So check out little money they actually are!

Eating a cream soup? Boil your veggies until very soft, and then purée them with an immersion blender, and then make the soup as usual. I’ll often even double the amount of veggies so that we get in even more nutrition!

You can even do this with a broth soup, but only blend half of the veggies.


Baking muffins or quick breads? Replace the oil with applesauce or avocados. Use yogurt instead of sour cream. Use the same amounts just replace! It’s also so easy to add in shredded apple, zucchini or carrots (did you know that all three of those mixed into a carrot cake is absolutely delicious?) That recipe is coming next week! 

easy ways to eat healthier
Also, did you know that 99% of cookie recipes use double the sugar that they need? Try it next time, cut the sugar amount in half, and your cookies will still taste good. If you are all used to the sweetness, try cutting out ¼-1/2 a cup at a time. Within no time you’ll be at half the amount of sugar and not even miss the difference. Now your chocolate chip cookie is a little better for you and you don’t need to feel guilty about eating that second cookie 😉

Replace starches with another vegetable or whole grain.

Enjoy your starches though? Then don’t worry, just replace half of the serving! So do half the serving your starch, and replace the other half with a veggie)  Eating spaghetti? Try zoodles instead(zucchini noodles) I love using this spiralizer for that! Or not a fan of zoodles? Use spaghetti squash. If you normally serve spaghetti and meatballs(or lasagna) with garlic bread, serve it with Cesar salad instead.

Or if you really love having your garlic bread with it- don’t omit it, but just do half the amount you normally do and add a Cesar salad too. 

A really easy way to add more nutrients to every meal is to add a salad or a second veggie.  Honestly, if you like having that starch in your meal, then do it. We do. Seriously. Every night. But just make less starch and more veggies. In all honesty,  if you have a big family it can get expensive to not have them fill up on some starch. So just be smart about it! 

Instead of using white rice use brown rice or quinoa!

Who has time to cut up all the veggies that go in a recipe anyways?? 

You do mama! In these 2-minute video lessons learn the tricks to cutting up each veggie quickly so that you can spend less time making dinner every night!

"I consider myself pretty skilled with using a knife when prepping dinner every night, but I learned some new skills too..." -- Renee

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Eat the right amount!

Do you always eat until the food is gone or until you are stuffed? I know I always did! And still to this day I have to tell myself to stop eating- you don’t have to eat until your full to have had enough food! Eating the proportions you need can go a long way in your journey to eating healthy!  I’m giving you a printable for the serving sizes that are recommended you eat, but remember, these are recommendations!

 If you’re working a hard physical job, then yes you absolutely need more. If you have a high metabolism and always seem hungry, then yes, you need more! But just make the right decisions in which foods to eat more of! Eat more proteins, especially in a physically demanding job, eat more veggies and your healthy grains.

An easy way to start eating the proportions you need to is by starting with one part of your meal at a time. Like having the correct portion size for your proteins, leaving the rest of the plate alone. Then after a few days or even a week, do the next section, eating the correct portion size for your starch or grains, and so on.

By making small changes at a time, and slowly teaching your body that you do not need to over stuff yourself when eating, you will be able to make this change!

Don’t try to change the portion size to half the amount for all your meals, all in one day, because I promise, either evening will come and you will be so hungry and eat way more snack foods than you need.

Make sure you don’t forget to download this guide- it will help you so much rather than having to check every time what portion size you need for what! It also comes with a cheat sheet so that you can easily reference the easy, healthy substitutes to make any meal healthier!


Replace fats with healthy fats.

Believe it or not, you are much better off using real butter than vegetable oil. I promise you its true. Yes, there is more fat, but it’s a healthier fat. Or use olive oil, avocado oil. Go for the oil that has the least amount of saturated fat. Fats aren’t bad for you if you have them in moderation. Saturated fats on the other had are bad. No matter how little there are. So just limit the saturated ones!

This goes for those cookies to, use butter- not margarine. Even replace the margarine with half butter and half coconut oil if you don’t want to go all the way with butter. And not only will your cookies taste so much better, but the fats that you are eating will actually be fats that are much better for you! Especially if your replacing half of those with coconut oil.

See? By making simple little changes to your eating habits suddenly makes it healthier! You don’t need to go on fad diets (because we all know that no diet is going to last unless you make it a lifestyle change.) I use these simple little tricks to eat healthier every day!

This still lets me eat that pizza for dinner, or have a few handfuls of chips on the weekend. Here’s an extra little tip- put a few handfuls of chips into a bowl, and then put the rest of the bag back in the pantry. You’ll be much less tempted to eat the entire bag if it means you’ll have to get up and go back to the kitchen to get more! It’s also much easier to say no if that bag isn’t sitting right in hands reach.


Also, did you know that buying a block of cheese and a box of crackers for your late night snack will cost you just as much as your bags of chips? Or if you eat a couple oz cheese and a handful of grapes instead of half that bag of chips? Not only that, but you’ll feel so much better about yourself because you ate healthier!  Not junk food, and didn’t feed it to your family either!

Here’s my challenge to you. Take one of these tips on making food healthier and try it for a week, then the next week add another tip. Before you know it you’ll have made all of these simple healthy eating habit changes. And, don’t forget to tell me in the comments which change you are going to make first. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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