I don’t know about you, but packing school lunches can be so hard! So that;s why to keep you sane, I put together all these tips to make school lunches easier.

Ugh, knowing what to put in their lunches, and then somehow finding time to throw it together.

And lets not mention having it be at least somewhat healthy right?

Lunchbox tips and tricks that actually make a difference! Make the last stretch of school so much easier with these school lunch hacks! #schoollunch #lunchbox #kidslunch #backtoschool #lunchhacks #lunchtips

I mean we can’t win every where right? If the laundry’s going to be done, that means dinner and the lunches probably aren’t going to be spectacular. And if lunches for the next day are going to be awesome well than you can bet that the house isn’t clean LOL.

Here’s the thing though. No matter your system, packing lunches sucks. Yup you can make it easy, but it still sucks.

I love the evenings that I don’t have to make lunches for the next day! But then the next day I think ‘I’ll make lunches if it means i can send these kids to school…’

easy school lunch with yogurt, mandarin, and a sandwich

Now that we’re into spring, and I can finally get my butt outside again,  I DO NOT want to be spending a ton of time packing lunches for the kids!

Ok if I’m honest I don’t want to do that in the dead of winter either but… you get the point.

But there are ways to make it easier!  I promise. If I can do it with 5 super young kids running around, I promise that you can find a way to!

It’s all about the system and getting it part of your routine. And a routine that doesn’t mean making it in the morning which brings me to my first tip!

simple school lunch with a sandwhich, yogurt and cucumbers

Doable Tips for School Lunches

1.Stop, oh stop making these lunches in the mornings!

It’s hectic enough, never mind needing to make a lunch for the kids on top of it all to yet! So start making them at night.

Yes I know, in the evening your tired, but I promise you’ll thank yourself in the morning!

2.Batch make those sandwiches. Or wraps. Whatever it is your making them.

So butter all the bread, then add the cheese to ALL the bread. Then the ham to ALL. Or your peanut butter. Whatever your putting on them.

Don’t make one whole sandwich and then the next. You easily double the time that it’ll take to make them all.

3. When you come home from doing groceries, everything that can possibly be frozen, freeze it!

Get ALL the lunch tips by downloading this handy cheat sheet!

The juice boxes, throw them in the freezer and then in the morning it can double as an ice pack!

Or you know the little hummus packs you can buy? Huck it in the freezer and then in the morning you can throw it in and it’ll be defrosted by the time they eat.

4. Keep the snacks all in one spot.

So in my fridge I have a spot where the yogurt, fruit, veggies etc are so that I just have to grab a couple and not have to think! If anything gets pre-prepped (think boiled eggs) it goes there too.

Do the same for your pantry! This also makes it super easy to see when its time to do groceries what you have and don’t have.

simple school lunch with pretzels, sandwich and cucumbers

5.Have a formula.

My kids (even my husband) gets the main which will be a sandwich or a wrap/pinwheel. Then a sweet (which means a muffin, cookie, yogurt or a granola bar) and then the fruits/veggies!

It takes a lot of the thinking out of what to put into it! Sure some days it 2 types of fruit or veggies and no sweet, or that they don’t have a main that it’s more a ‘snack’ lunch with more proteins like a boiled egg with cheese and fruit/veggies. But this way it takes a lot of the stress out!

6.Make a bulk list.

So list all the options the have for lunch. And then add this to your grocery list every time! You don’t even have to think.

Maybe it’s the same foods, but just putting it in different order so that they have different combos makes it seem like they have a different lunch everyday!

(Besides I don’t know about your kids but mine always want the same stuff anyway! And I’m not complaining because that makes my job like 10X easier.)

7. Download this cheat sheet that will give you 17 lunch hacks to make  it easy!! Stop trying to figure it all out on your own, and just download these hacks that’ll take all the guessing out of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, pinterest is an amazing place to get so many ideas, but it’s also super overwhelming!

Plus, so many of those beautiful lunch box photos seem undoable no? I know all I can think is ya, there’s no way I’m going to be able to sustain making those kinds of lunches!

So Mama’s Real School Lunches was born! With not a single recipe, this guide teaches you exactly how to go from stressed out and tired, to having that system and ideas in place!

You really can make those lunches, super fast and easily! (without having to make a single recipe) Check it out here!

If you find yourself with a little extra time on the weekend, make some of these easy snacks to pop in their lunch!

Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins

No-Bake Chocolate Bites

No-Bake Peanut Butter Bites

Banana Chia Muffins

2 Ingredient Yogurt Fruit Dip

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