Done for you Dinners

Save money, time and your sanity with this magical done for you meal plan and grocery lists

Hi I’m Jacqueline a mom of 5 kids, so I know exactly how stressful it can be to get a meal on the table without the chaos that goes with it; food getting wasted and the grocery bill growing every single month. I decided it was time for a change! So, I started planning meals that use the same traditional ingredients, using just one pan but where delicious different meals. 

Now, it takes less time, and much less energy for me to plan my meals, and cook them! Cleaning up isn’t a chore I dread because the meals made don’t make as big of a mess either. 


So now my mission is to help other overwhelmed moms in the kitchen create stress-free meals that the kids will eat without needing to spend extra time or spend money on fancy ingredients. 


Jacqueline Vandeberg

Founder, Mamas Real Meals

Get a meal plan of 13 dinners using the same ingredients that are quick but nutritious and still give you a variety of meals to pick from.

This is for you if...

you’re fed up with going over your grocery budget only to throw out half of the food you bought because you weren’t able to use it all in your meals. 


Save time

Want to cut the time you spend, planning, prepping and cooking in half! Get meals that are made with minimal prep, minimal mess and stop spending an hour trying to get a dinner made.

cook once, eat twice


Not only will you now be able to cook meals using the same ingredients, but start cooking once and eat twice! With freezer-friendly meals you can stash your freezer, without needing to do a cooking marathon (which we all hate doing anyway).

Family friendly

You’ll now be able to eat healthier homemade meals as a stress-free family, which will not only save your wallet but help you create memories with your family.

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Stop stressing, save your money, and get 13 meals that use less than 25 different ingredients!