Ready to stop loosing the battle against school lunches?

Take lunches back!

Get the tips, tricks, and loads of ideas in this easy to follow guide for busy moms that are just to tired to cook.

Are you tired and just  wish that you could get a real lunch made for your kids lunchbox that they will actually eat?

Are you sick of the lunches coming back uneaten?

Beyond sick of constantly searching for recipes and ideas online that you know you’ll never be able to make?

Take lunches back! Get the tips, tricks, and loads of ideas in this easy to follow guide for busy moms and take back the control of a real, but easy school that your kids will eat!


I am not very savvy in the kitchen and my husband is pretty much the only reason we eat.. Thank you, Jacqueline, for taking away the overwhelm of lunches with your tasty, simple lunch ideas and the tips/system you provided


Making a healthy school lunch does not mean you have to spend hours on pre-prep!

You will be able to make lunches quickly and a lunch that they actually will love!

I know exactly what you mean.  It would be 930 PM and lunches still weren’t made, the baby was crying, and the laundry wasn’t in the dryer yet either.  Those lunches had to be made, but for crying out loud, I was beat!

I was so frustrated and I knew there had to be a better a way.  A way I could systemize the entrie process and make it EASY. So that’s what I did. And now you get it too!


This sound familiar?

You’ve told yourself sooo many times you were going to get your crap together. Your going to figure out a way that will give your kids better food. Not just sometimes but something sustainable.

You came up with recipes, you came up with a plan 

And it failed. It took a week and then you fell of the wagon. The kids got sick, you got tired, and dang, it’s just so much easier to do it the cheat way.

And that’s OK!!

Just wanting to make the change is half the battle.

And I’m here to help you conquer the second half of that battle with this Super Simple Guide to Real Lunch for Tired Moms!

Ellie was sick of the same lunches after only a couple days! I was glad when I finally got the book so that I could make her something without having to spend much time making it or finding new ideas since I had it all at my fingertips!


What do you get?

Learn a system that works. Not a one size fits all, but the one that works for your family.

Learn the tools and hacks that make this job sooo much easierGet a boatload of ideas, lunches you can make, that don’t require a recipe!! No recipes, no cooking, but real food

There’s even a 4 week meal plan!!

A handbook that you only have to fill out once and be set for the rest of the school year!


Hi I’m Jacqueline, I have 5 kids. My oldest is 6. So I get it. I know mama. I know. I don’t have the energy to make 5 different recipes for lunch. I don’t have the time to search for inspiration. 

I also am a serious lover of coffee, books and bubble baths! So welcome to my little corner of the online world.

Stick around Mama, because I get what its like to be tired, and how you just don’t feel like cooking. AGAIN.

Imagine being able to throw lunch together within minutes for each child every night.

Imagine not being stuck in a lunch rut for the third time that week.

Imagine not having to stress out about lunches because you know you have a system in place

Imagine giving them real food but still saving a ton of money?

Omg Jacqueline this is amazing!  Kids? I’m using this for my husband! Now not only will my kids be going to school with amazingly healthy snacks but the mister will also be able to cut down on his unhealthy “quick fixes”.  I love all the tips, especially how to keep food fresh! I learned so much!  Thank you so much Jacqueline, you have made a chore I hate into something that will take so little of my day and be a benefit to my whole family. Lizzie

Who’s it for?

The new to packing lunches mom

The sick of packing lunches mom

The I’m tired of having to come up with ideas mom

The “I’m too tired to make anything” mom

Table of Contents  

Chapter 1: How to create your own lunch making system

Chapter 2: How to get your kids to make their own lunches

Chapter 3: Tips on how to keep produce fresh so it lasts

Chapter 4: How to keep hot food hot and cold food cold

Chapter 5: What lunchbox containers you should use

Chapter 6: Menus and over 60 lunch box no-recipe ideas

Bonus: Handbook to help you follow through 

 I loved your ebook! I can’t wait to try out some of these tips next week”



If you want to get away from the processed and into the real, the Mama’s Real Guide to School Lunches will create that system you crave!

Something sustainable. Something doable. Something that every moms needs.

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