Who has time to cut up all the veggies that go in a recipe anyways?? 

You do mama! In these 2-minute video lessons learn the tricks to cutting up each veggie quickly so that you can spend less time making dinner every night!

"I consider myself pretty skilled with using a knife when prepping dinner every night, but I learned some new skills too..." -- Renee

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“Why can’t I just use the same knife for everything?” I cannot tell you, how many times I have been asked this question. Or that I’ve seen someone use the same knife to cut everything in their kitchen. From a tomato to an apple- it was the same one. And you know what? Some of these people are people who have been cooking for years! In fact, more years than I have even been around.

So you’re probably asking:

Ok, so what knives do I need in my kitchen?” And “Why does it matter?”

what knives do i need

I’ll tell you my top tip for getting dinner on the table quicker: Knowing how to prep/chop your meats and veggies. And how to do this quickly, you need to use the proper knife and you need to know HOW to use the proper knife!

But don’t start sweating yet :)I promise you, I’m going to walk you through every single step!

How many knives do I need?

Only 4.

Yes, I’m serious. Ok, technically, 5, but that does depend a little on you and your preferences. It can be done perfectly well with 4 knives. (I’ll get into the ‘bonus knife’ at the end)

So what knives are these?

First I’ll tell you their official name, and then, if I call them something that’s easier to remember, I’ll tell you that too:)

You need a santoku knife, utility knife, serrated steak knife and a small paring knife. Or for myself, known as my chopping knife, my meat knife, steak knife and paring knife.

See not too overwhelming yet is it?

What are you going to use these different knives for?

One is essentially for chopping up your veggies, the other, you guessed it, cutting your meats. The third is for (other than cutting your steak) a few other veggies and any breads. Then your paring knife, anything that you cut while holding it in your hand!

If you have the budget, you can go out and buy Cutco or Henkels knives, while it’s a big investment they are also the knives that you will be able to use for a lifetime.

But since not everyone has the budget for Cutco (like myself) I recommend using the Kitchen Aid brand. I’ve had my knife set since we got married, (which is just over 6 years now) and I’m still using the same knives! And they won’t need replacing anytime soon. Since I know how to sharpen my knives (and I’ll teach you this too here!) I use this simple tool to sharpen my knives.


Which kitchen knives do i need


One of the reasons that I recommend the kitchen aid brand is because the knife is all one piece. From the handle to the tip of the blade, its solid. You won’t have to worry about your blade coming loose, or at the worst, having the screws,(or glue) come loose and have your knife come apart.

Don’t feel like you need to buy the entire knife block if that’s not something you can afford! You can just buy each of these knives individually!

I’m going to dive a little deeper into each of these knives, because I’m sure you’re asking, which veggies, which meats? How much is this all going to cost?? So we’ll do this the easy way, buy explaining each knife separately.

So What Knives Do I Really Need in My Kitchen and WHY?

Santuko Knife (or chopping knife)

This is the knife that you will use on a daily basis, (or you will once you start cooking your own meals every day!) This is the one that I use to chop about 90% of my veggies. For onions, peppers, carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower. I’m sure there’s more, but this is what I came up with right now.

This knife, when used properly can shave off SO much time when you’re chopping your vegetables! Since, it’s essentially designed just for chopping; you can cut your chopping time in half. I promise, I dice up an onion with this knife, in half the time it takes my sister to dice hers with a paring knife.

what kitchen knives do i need

Utility Knife (or ‘meat knife’)

The utility knife, or meat knife is also one that I use on a daily basis as well, almost on a daily basis. Since all our meals consist of some type of meat, it’s often that I’m cutting up some sort of meat! And since usually, all our meals have a veggie and a meat, yes, I use both knives.

Since the blade is longer, it’s much easier to cut up your meats. You just have to make sure that your knife is sharp enough. I use this knife for every single meat that we eat. From chicken breasts, to sausage or cutting up a side of beef, this knife by far makes the process so much easier.

There are days that I feel lazy and think that I’ll use the knife that I already have in my hand, but quickly switch over to using the right knife, because it really takes me much longer. It’s definitely worth making both knives dirty!

Small paring knife

I’m pretty sure that this knife is one that you already have in your house. It’s one of the most common knives to have. While it can be used for almost anything, I mostly use it for the produce that I cut up, while holding it in my hands (like potatoes or an apple). With a small handle and a small blade, it’s easy to control! It’s also the knife you can use to peel your produce if you don’t already have a peeler to use.

If you like doing the fine details for certain foods (like cutting in a face for your kids) then the paring knife is what you would use! Since the blade and handle is short, you have much more control over exactly where the knife is going to go, making it much easier to get those fine details perfect.

kitchen knives i need

Steak Knife

I’m pretty sure, that you most likely have this knife in your kitchen already to. For what I like using it for, any serrated knife will do. While this does depend a little on the type of steak knife you have, this is the knife that you use for your tomatoes. The reason I use this knife for my tomatoes (or another veggie that has a really tough skin with a soft inside) is because it will cut through the skin much smoother, without squishing all insides out:)

A knife just for your tomatoes? Well, technically not, since if it’s a steak knife your using, you also use it for your steak. But if you’re like me, I have a small version of the bread knife that I like to use instead. But that’s because the steak knives that I have, don’t have the serrated edge.

So really, if you have a steak knife that has a serrated edge, use that. If not, use the small version of the bread knife! (If you have a knife block that you bought, it’s very likely that this knife is one of the ones in there.)

So there you have your 4 essential knives that you need to have in your kitchen!  


I am by no means a chef, or a professional. This is just what I do in my own kitchen which has helped me speed up the process for prepping my meals so much!

Since I told you that I would have 1 bonus knife to share with you, I also really like having a bread knife!

This is the knife that is pretty much a big version of your steak knife, although the serrated edge is usually a bit wider. This is the perfect knife for cutting up your breads and buns; essentially you won’t be able to get a clean cut on bread without one of these knives.

I also find using it for cutting up wraps, makes it cut much easier and with a much cleaner cut!  

Since I could buy this knife for pretty cheap, I suggest buying this knife as well!


So now that you know WHAT knives you need, what about HOW to use them?


At first I’d thought to explain how to use the knives, with a ton of pictures, but I figured something like this, it is so much easier if you can actually SEE what to do!

Sooo…. Here are your free video tutorials on how to chop! Get easy access to all 8 videos of me showing you how to use the knives, and get it sent right to your inbox.

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