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How to Cut an Onion without Tears

by Mama's Real Meals
How to Cut an Onion without Tears

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How to Cut Onions Without Crying Buckets of Tears

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Learn the ONE simple trick to stop the tears when cutting up onions! 

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Imagine that the next time you make dinner that you could cut up the onion without your eyes filling with tears and blinding you?

Especially when you reach up to wipe the tears away (because you need to see what you’re doing right?) only to make it worse because your hands are full of onion juice? 

This one simple trick will take the tears away!

Not only that…. you’ll also be able to cut the onion much quicker by seeing how to cut the onion the quickest way.

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Is it really that great of a trick? Here’s what other people say about it!

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I have an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s. It’s very painful for me to cut onions because of the tears that go along with this simple task. I know it sounds silly and probably a little crazy, but Jacqueline’s onion cutting hack was a game changer for me! No more pain for me when I’m cooking. Such a simple tip has helped me so much!

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My husband’s the cook in our family, but because of Jacqueline’s tips I was able to impress him with my new skills. And no more tears when I cut onions!

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I love Jacqueline’s video. Who knew I’d been cutting onions wrong for 30 years? Now I feel like a pro – and no tears!

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Who am I? And why can I teach you about cooking?

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I’m Jacqueline a mom of 5 kids, ages 6 and under. I’m no chef, just a simple stay-at-home mom who loves to create super simple recipes and teach others how to cook quickly and get dinner on the table with minimal work, without having to rely on processed or pre-made food! All my recipes use simple and cheap ingredients. 

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