How to Make the Best Cold Roast Beef Sandwich

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Tired of always eating your leftover roast the same way? I always just cut whatever was left over and used it as deli meat. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deli sandwich but sometimes it just needs a little more zing. So I set out to find the best way to make a roast beef sandwich that was still easy but oh so delicious. 


make cold roast beef sandwich

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I love it when I have a recipe that makes 2 meals. Do the work once, but eat twice- and have it be two completely different meals. Like my tender crockpot roast beef does this exact thing for me.

We eat it for dinner the one night, and then I can use the left overs to make a roast beef sandwich for lunch or even for dinner! 

This isn’t your typical  cold roast beef sandwich with horseradish and mustard. Because honestly? I hate both of those. Also, what kid is going to eat that? Not my kids anyway!

So instead of using those typical ingredients for a roast beef, I improvised and used my own sauces to bring you the best roast beef sandwich ever!

I’ll give you a step by step tutorial, but really it is so simple you don’t even need it. This is another 5 minute recipe.


Step by Step on How to Make the Best Roast Beef Sandwich

Before we really get into the ingredients for this sandwich, first decide on what bred you are going to use! I love making mine on a bagel. It honestly just makes it so much more delicious than just regular sandwich bread. Use rye or sourdough if you don’t have bagels on hand.

Cut the bagel in half (or have two slices of whatever bread you will be using) and spread 1 tbsp cesar dressing on each half. Add 3 slices of thickly cut roast beef, and top with ranch dressing, tomatoes and cheese. Add lettuce and replace the top.


best roast beef sandwich


Cut in half with a sharp serrated knife. I love using this knife! I’ve had mine for over 5 years and it still works perfectly. I use it many times a day because it gives me that perfect cut. 

See how insanely easy that was? Generally I make this sandwich for my husbands lunch, but pair it with one of these soups or a salad, and you’ll have a great light dinner.

Simple Southwest Chicken Tortilla Soup (a dump and go recipe!)

Cream of Chicken Soup (find out what the real trick is to making it quickly, and a secret ingredient to take it to the next level)

Loaded Strawberry Spinach Salad (its the dressing that makes it really good!)


best cold roast beef sandwich


How to Make the Best Roast Beef Sandwich
Serves 2
The perfect way to use up that leftover roast beef. Even in the summer, I'll cook up a roast, just to make these delicious sandwiches! Not your traditional sandwich with horseradish and mustard.
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 2 bagels
  2. 6 slices roast beef
  3. 8 slices cheddar cheese
  4. 8 slices tomatoes
  5. 2 leafs lettuce
  6. 4 tbsp Cesar
  7. 2 tbsp ranch
  1. Cut bagel in half. Spread 1 tbsp cesar dressing on each half. Top with 3 slices roast beef. Top with 1 tbsp ranch. Layer on tomatoes, cheese and lettuce. Top with second half, cut and enjoy!
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